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Modular Kitchen Designs


Modular Kitchen Cabinets are Luxury within your reach

When glamour outshines the rust, then kitchen cabinets of Thrissur, become an ideal inspiration for all. The kitchen cabinets of Thrissur present a luxury to all its customers. We, at 1000 Kitchens and Interiors, bring a variety of kitchen cabinets for you to choose from. Revolutionizing the age of innovations, Kitchen cabinets have transformed over the years. Kitchen Cabinets of today come in different patterns with diverse shades of attractive colors.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

The much sought after Kitchen cabinets fall into two distinguished designs. a)Face framed cabinets and b)Frameless cabinets. Both types include the use of wooden sheets such as plywood, particle board and melamine to use for rough usage.

a. Famed Cabinets

In Frame cabinets, wood joinery holds the parts together. This American-style cabinet attaches a 1 ½" wide x ¾" thick frame to the front of the cabinet box. Horizontal rails and vertical stiles secure the door to the box. Hinges attach the door to the face frame. Having a frame allows for additional design options by varying the amount of space between doors and drawers. The frame can also help support doors and drawers. In frameless cabinetry, thicker side panels keep the cabinet rigid without the use of a front frame. Special hardware fittings secure the door directly to the side or end panels of the cabinet. Due to the lack of face frame, the cabinet doors lie flush with each other, forming a tight reveal of 1/8" or less. This clean style emphasizes the door and is often referred to as European style or full-access cabinetry.

b. frameless cabinets

Because no rails or stiles block the way, offer slightly easier access to their interiors. Expect up to 10 percent more interior space. Also, many manufacturers eliminate the center stile in double doors, which provides easier accessibility to platters and oversize bowls and dishes.

What constitutes the Cabinets?

A different built in box makes up the front design of the cabinet. These additional frames form the integral part of a kitchen cabinet with frames. On the other hand, frameless kitchen cabinets have a traditional feel. They are spacious and provide an elegant look to your finished kitchen.

Elements of a Kitchen Cabinet

Main elements such as drawers, doors, Handles, Knobs and other hardware comprise the main parts of a kitchen cabinet. These fittings of various designs add beauty and a touching feel to your modular kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Design Thrissur
Kitchen Cabinets Thrissur

Kitchen Cupboards Match with the wall and Tiles

It is most obvious that the colors and shades of the cupboards match the room’s contours as well as the paint on the walls. Color selection is a prominent factor for deciding the ideal kitchen cabinet. It is not only the color, but also the modern amenities included for the storage of such devices. One more striking point is the color that matches with the tiles and its texture.

Revamp Tips for Kitchen Cabinets

  • Match the colors of the walls and tiles along with its textures.
  • Use materials that last long.
  • Try and be more practical while selecting the kitchen cabinets.
  • Accommodation of storage space is necessary.
  • Doors, handles and other accessories should be included in the furniture kit.

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