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1000 Kitchens and Interiors, sets a day entertaining for all mothers and housewives. A great gift that you can give to your beloved or loved ones would be a kitchen with modular kitchen fittings and intricate designs.

The kitchen becomes a kitchen lover’s first sight. Most of kitchen lover’s, especially our co-workers visit and judge the quality of the kitchen cabinet and the designs by their first glance. This could be very frustrating and disappointing in situations where parties are of pomp.

What’s the best advice you can get?

1000 Kitchens and interiors bestow the best kitchen accessories as well as fittings tonight. What more can you need from a website such as this. However, be on your guard against fraudsters even at the site.

Modular Kitchens present elegant cabinets, with lighter shades of cherry, walnut and mahogany. All antique pieces and appliances are kept intact with the theme of Modular Kitchen.

These types of Modular Kitchens bestow a traditional feel and ethnic look for years and years to come. Modular kitchens have transformed the way of showcasing your stylish kitchen boosting your esteem.

These kitchens are made up of stones, glass or aluminum for the cabinets to last longer. Modular Kitchens are easy to repair and modify and shifted with ease. Colors play an important part of the Kitchen cabinets with modular type designs.

Each fitting and each layout defines a special feature adding value to your kitchen. The rising trend of modular kitchen adds to the glamour providingan exquisiteand aesthetic look to your kitchen

Modern Kitchen Designers Thrissur
Modern Kitchen Cabinets Designs Thrissur

Big difference between Modular and Semi-Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Semi-Modular Kitchen Remarks
Higher Precision Depends on the designer Finishing Feel
Strong vertical support because vertical planks are used. Single Planks are used.Hence, the support maynot be that strong. Strength
Parts are Modular and so easily displaceable. Cannot be dis-assembled. Assembly & Disassembly
Cleaning made easier. Not possible. Ease of Cleaning

Benefits of Modular Kitchen

  • Modular Kitchens have multiple cabinets as the name suggests.
  • Sufficient Storage Space.
  • Modular Kitchens are durable and available in shades of different colors.

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